ZOU BIZOU is a creative brand.

We do things we love. In fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
And coffee. Really good coffee.

We love to try new things, love to create, love to produce
outstanding pieces. With passion, know-how and
a sense for design. Analog. Digital. Telepathic.
A playground of possibilities.
For us.
For you to discover.



Slash ZOU BIZOU describes our successful method of teaming
up with external genius and expertise. We pick the
reddest cherries amongst the creatives, put them in a bowl and
share this uniquely compiled creative collective with you.
With products you love.
Design you embrace.
Art you celebrate.


How ZOU BIZOU works

  1. Be open-minded.
  2. Be curious.
  3. Welcome challenges.
  4. Invite chance & serendipity.
  5. Dare to be bold.
  6. Laugh a lot.
  7. Come early for coffee.
  8. Stay late for drinks.
  9. Don’t make 10 rules, when 9 are enough.

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  • ZE Fragrance


    ZOU BIZOU does not only make sense, we also make scents! The spirit of ZOU BIZOU captured in a perfume. It had to be uplifting yet grounding. Light yet profound. Subtle yet radiant. Here comes Z1! Unisex and uniquely sexy. An overture with cheeky notes of bergamot and juniper transcends into a feast of spice and transparent flowers until woody, mossy ambery notes wrap around you like a hug. Limited supply.

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  • ZE T-Shirts


    If you want to say something loud and clear without raising your voice and wasting words – an elaborate print on premium pure cotton is the ideal introvert/extrovert medium. Our collection of supersoft t-shirts displays ZOU BIZOU’s personal soft spots – for bikes, African tribal Art, french joie de vivre and whatever inspiration may come our way. Or yours! Available on request for him or her or them.

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  • ZE Coffee


    C8H10N4O2 is a psychoactive substance which stimulates the central nervous system enhancing cognitive performance. It is commonly consumed in the dilluted form of coffee.
    ZOU BIZOU adores good coffee so much that we decided to drink and serve (and sell…) only our own highly addictive house blends, roasted in small batches by roastmaster Erik Brockholz. Our 100% robusta „BÄÄÄM“ contains 60% more caffeine than regular coffee and our 100% arabica „Guji“ is the most gentle, tasteful wake up call.

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  • ZE Soap


    During a photo production of our creative agency OFENSTEIN we were visiting one of the most multifaceted cities of the orient: Marrakech. And let us tell you – the Muse’s kiss hit us hard! As soon as we got back, we followed traditional recipes, brought Morrocan treasuries together and created our own soap and shampoo. Argan oil, the center piece of our creation, does not only flatter your hands, but your whole body! The soap became our daily companion during Corona times and is super handy on the cruise! The shampoo also contains argan oil, but also macadamia oil and Keratin and is therefore a super-moisturizing-boost for your hair.

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Pop in early for coffee. Stay late for drinks.

Let’s meet over an inspiring cup of ZOU BIZOU’s proper French Roast and check out our beautiful things and ideas.

Or get to know OFENSTEIN, the creative agency behind the ZOU BIZOU brand. And let’s have a chat what we can do for you and your brand.

Zou Bizou
Creative Brand
Ismaninger Straße 65
81675 München

Florian Ofenstein
will pick up the phone.

+49 89 455 559 22